Our December

Avery Helps Decorate:

Obviously Thrilled to be going on a Family Walk:

And Obviously Thrilled about the Swing:

Avery Goes Rock N Roll with Uncle Eric and Kyung's Christmas Gift:

Avery has a Blast Figuring Out How All Her New Toys Work:

And She Gets Pinky Involved in the Process:

A Visit from Keith's Family

Avery and Lee Lee:

Avery's New Best Friend- Grandpa with the Cheetos:

Avery and Kyung:

One Last Photo Before We Say Goodbye:

A Visit with the Dynes Clan

Chit-Chatting with the Cousins:

But Avery Quickly Grows Bored with the Girl Talk:

Finally Eating at the Big Kid Table:

Ending the Year with the Fablings

A Fun Trip to the Zoo:

Avery Discovers Fish:

Eva's Not Afraid to Get Down and Dirty:

Our November

Avery Finds a New Use for the Trashcan Lid:

Avery Attempts to Help with the Laundry:

There's Nothing More Exciting than a Rocking Chair:

Avery Can't Wait for Her First Haircut:

Sick Again- The Thanksgiving Excitement Aftermath:

Our October

A little daddy/daughter time now that the weather is actually bearable:
Avery appears to have enjoyed Uncle Eric's visit:
Keith and Eric take a nostalgic trip back to the 90's a little too far:

Avery the Make-Up Artist:
Avery the Giant:

Avery the Dog-Walking Substitute:

And if Keith won't let us have a pet pig, I'll improvise:

Our September

Avery's proud of her spoon collection:
Avery's First Ride:

Avery plays with her cousins, Aaron and Austin, on the trampoline:

While we endure the heat at the Austin City Limits Music Festival with Rob and Corey:

Avery and Lee Lee have a great time while the folks are on vacation:

Avery and Lee Lee share a taste for sunhats:

Our August

Avery Loves the Campbell Home Waterpark:

And Now She's Ready for the Big Kid Pool:

The Astros #1 Fan:

Avery's First Tennis Lesson:

Avery Supports Her Mother's Pig Propaganda:

Blind Baby Walking

As always, Avery has to find the most dangerous way to go about things ...

Our July

Training to be a Samurai

Favorite Pasttime: Cabinet Exploration

First BBQ

A Bit Under the Weather

Another Mosquito Attack: A Dumbo Transformation This Time