Our Christmas

A Visit for Pictures with "Santa Sam":
Twas the Night Before Christmas:
Celebrating Our First Christmas at Home:

Our December

A Month Full of Adorable Poses:And a Taste of Things to Come Between Big Sis and Lil' Sis:
Avery's Last Day with her Friend Lacey at Paula's Day Care:Paula and Addie:

Our November

Enjoying Baby Addie:

Our First Family Outing- a Dinner Out at the Last Concert Cafe:

Avery Plays the Big Sister Role-
Avery "teaches" Addie about all of her toys by piling them up on her swing and explaining each of them one by one:
Avery Joins in on Addie's Exercise Mat Time:

My Big Three-O B-day Smash:

Avery Helps Divy Out the Poker Chips:
How Avery Puts Addie's Soothies to Use:
Avery's Newfound Obsession- Cinderella and Shoes- is Best Played Out in the Nude: This Can't Be a Good Idea:

Yet Somehow It Works:
Avery and Keith's Favorite Daddy-Daughter Pass Time:
The Trampoline Really Never Gets Old:

Addie Arrives!!

Adalynn Jane arrived at 1:27 a.m. on Nov. 1st. I'll add in the details later as I find time but wanted to show off her pictures asap...

Our August

A Bathtime Pose:
Playing Peek-a-Boo with Pinky:
How Avery Shows She's Not Ready to Start the Day:
A Little Brunch Banter with Brett:
Having a Blast at Sean's 4th Birthday Party:
Avery's Clean Feet Phobia: Everything Could Get Sandy but the Bottom of Her Feet:

A Little Cousin Playtime:
And then a Lot of Cousin Goodbye Kisses:

Avery Finds a Creative Way to Steal Keith's Whipped Cream:
A Day at the Lake with Keith's P.A. School Buddies:
Travis Gives Avery Her First Boat Driving Lesson:

A True Water Baby:

And a Busy Day at the Lake Properly Prepares Avery for the Long Car Ride Back to Houston: