Out and About

A Fun Day at Krause Springs:

More Feeding the Gigantic Catfish at "The Pier" Restaurant on Lake Travis:
Although the my sister and her family sadly moved away from San Antonio right as we moved to Austin, we were pretty excited to have Keith's dad and family move back to San Antonio (from San Diego) this month. Papa John and Keith's brother Jake came up to meet Addie and hang out for a bit:
Addie was able to join in on the pool fun at our second trip to Volente Water Park:

While Avery couldn't get enough of the frog slide:
Addie was quite proud of the disastrous, disgusting mess she made of herself with her biter biscuit. Thank goodness a pool was nearby, otherwise we would've had to hose her down:
A Third Round at our Favorite Inks Lake State Park- a great place to picnic and swim:

And the potty training has proved so successful that even in a bathing suit in the water, Avery held it until she had a chance to get her swimsuit off and use our port-a-potty:

Around the House Antics

Yet again, Avery finds a way to turn a slightly risky situation into a straight-up dangerous one: Addie's not only proud to be eating solid foods, but adamantly tyring to eat them on her own:
And she finally sits up well enough to join in on the pirate pool fun:

Avery and Addie's First Bath Together-
Addie looks a bit hesitant about being confined in a small, slippery, wet place with her crazy, unpredictable sister:
Perhaps we should've approached the potty training with a promise of a "Go Diego" acton figure. Keith bought her the figure on his way home from work as a gift for her first successful potty training day. I've never seen her so excited to open a gift. She held it up and exclaimed "WOW!":
Avery Continues Her Random Playtime-
She loves to find new, random things to line up in OCD-esque manners. On this day, she got a hold of plastic, colored CD cases and decided that her Polly Pocket dolls needed to be placed inside the cases and lined up on the piano: