A Dynes Family Get Together at Our New Home

My sister Rachel, her husband Tom, and their four kids came from San Antonio to visit with us and drop off the motorcycle that Tom sold to Keith. My parents also swung by on their way home from a visit in Dallas.
Tom took some time to show Keith a few of the ins and outs of the Honda Shadow that he so kindly gave Keith first dibs on before trying to sell it elsewhere:
Rachel brought a bunch of hair bows that she handmade for Avery and Addie. The red, white, and blue one happened to match Addie's outfit that day perfectly:

Addie's cousin Payden, whose Avery's age, just loves tending to Addie. She gives her her undivided attention, making sure Addie is happy and giving her a pacifier if she starts to cry:
The youngest of Rachel's kids, Declan, is three months older than Addie. He really enjoyed all of the toys that Addie seems to have no interest in yet. Finally, they're getting put to good use:

Avery was very concerned before her cousins arrived that they would try to play with her precious "Little People." She was delighted to discover that her cousins would be perfectly happy playing with all the other pluther of toys that she owns instead:

I was very happy to get this shot of Addie dead asleep in Tom's lap:
It reminded me of this picture of him holding Avery when she was about the same age:

A Fabling Visit

The Fablings stopped by for a quick visit from El Paso. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many good pictures, but Avery and Eva are finally old enough to truly enjoy playing with each other. Hopefully it's just a matter of time before Addie and Haley form a similar bond.
Avery and Eva enjoyed the baby mat much more so than either Addie or Haley:
A typical Eva / Avery moment- Avery all over the place getting into toy after toy while Eva relaxes and watches with a look of intrigue mixed with an inquisitive "What-is-the-matter-with-you-why-can't-you-just-sit-still?" look:

Addie and Haley seem to be a bit more on the same page of just chillaxing:

Little Haley Up Close:

Our Easter

Addie, with her new best friend the Glo-Worm, was obviously thrilled to be sporting her bunny PJs Easter morning:
We went to Don and Michele's for an Easter egg hunt. Avery was a bit confused about what she was supposed to be doing:
But she looked out and watched her cousins roaming around the yard...

And she soon caught on:
Addie, as always, just sat back and contently observed:
And of course, we can't get away with hanging out in their backyard without letting Avery have a little trampoline time:

Our Last Days in Houston

One last photo of Avery and Addie playing together in our Houston home: Keith's mom, Avery, and Addie spent our last night over at my parent's house so Keith and I could finish up packing before the big move. I stole some of the photos my parents took during their stay.
Avery always loves going to Nana's for the cookies:

And I'm guessing this is Avery's "Please give me another cookie because I'm cute" pose:

My sister Angela came by to get some time in with her nieces:
Avery adores Angela and her husband Scott, but has a hard time saying "Angela"
and just refers to both of them as "Scott(s)": A Little Nana and Addie Time- They managed to match their hair color perfect for the pic:
Followed by Papa Time:

My parents also managed to get my favorite picture of the two of them playing together: