Our March

A busy month packing and house-hunting, but we managed to have a few enjoyable memories amongst the chaos.
We had one last evening get together with the Dynes Houston crew- My sister's husband Scott and my sister Angela and my parents, "Papa" and "Nana:"
Addie seemed particularly pleased about the evening:

Keith was back and forth working in Austin and coming back when he could. It was always a relief to have him home, and he definitely enjoyed making up for lost time with the girls:

And of course, the girls and I had to pack up and head to Austin a few times for house-hunting. Avery was not always a fan of the car rides, but she definitely had a great time staying at Don and Michele's and playing with her cousins:

Avery's favorite thing to do is to stack random objects on Addie (oddly enough my mother said I apparently did the exact same thing to my younger brother when we were Avery and Addie's ages). I just have to keep my eye out to make sure the random objects aren't small or sharp, but Addie doesn't seem to mind:

They really are starting to enjoy playing with each other. Usually their playing involves Avery cracking up for no particular reason and Addie staring at her in mild confusion and amusement:

Addie's favorite sleep position- shoving a stuffed animal over her face before dozing off. I suppose that's her way of preventing Avery's antics from disturbing her sleep:

And once Addie's not looking, Avery enjoys playing with and in Addie's toys:
Keith's mom spent our last week in Houston with me, helping me take care of the girls and packing at the same time. Addie was her little "helper" and would just sit happily in her bouncer and watch Lisa wrap and pack all of the kitchenware and fragiles:

Pinky decided to find new ways to make use of the end table. If she was attempting to convince us it was worth keeping, she failed, since we ended up leaving it behind...