Our December

Avery Helps Decorate:

Obviously Thrilled to be going on a Family Walk:

And Obviously Thrilled about the Swing:

Avery Goes Rock N Roll with Uncle Eric and Kyung's Christmas Gift:

Avery has a Blast Figuring Out How All Her New Toys Work:

And She Gets Pinky Involved in the Process:

A Visit from Keith's Family

Avery and Lee Lee:

Avery's New Best Friend- Grandpa with the Cheetos:

Avery and Kyung:

One Last Photo Before We Say Goodbye:

A Visit with the Dynes Clan

Chit-Chatting with the Cousins:

But Avery Quickly Grows Bored with the Girl Talk:

Finally Eating at the Big Kid Table:

Ending the Year with the Fablings

A Fun Trip to the Zoo:

Avery Discovers Fish:

Eva's Not Afraid to Get Down and Dirty: