Our Princesses

One of Avery's favorite things to do is dress up as a "princess" with a tiara, her tu-tu, high heels, and a wand. She was quite upset with me at first for letting Addie be a princess with a tiara and wand as well, but soon realized playing princess is more fun when you have a fellow princess to enjoy the excitement:

Hamilton Pool and Salt Lick

Keith's former P.A. school friend, Travis and his girlfriend Katy, came down to visit from Atlanta for a few days before we all headed to another P.A. school friend's wedding in a little town called Yoakum, TX. We had a fun day visiting a natural spring pool called Hamilton Pool followed by eating out at the most famous near-Austin barbecue restaurant- The Salt Lick.

As soon as we got to Hamilton Pool, Avery put Travis to work demanding he keep her entertained: And, as usual, Avery had no problem making friends with other kids her age: Addie enjoyed some time in the pool, but little piggly-wiggly is always content when she has a bottle in her mouth:
A final photo before we headed off the Salt Lick:

As we ate the all-you-can-eat-barbecue, Avery came up with a new way to request food. She'd shove the fork in my face and have the fork tell me her resquests for food in ventriloqusit style. It's most popular request was to say "Mommy, I need to feed Avery some more beans":

And Addie, as always, chilled in the stroller: The Aftermath of a day in the sun followed by all-you-can-eat barbecue:

Jenny's Wedding

We had a blast at Keith's former P.A. school friend Jenny's wedding. Most of Keith's closest P.A. friends were there, so it was a nice reunion and chance to catch up a crew:Avery relaxed for a bit in the stroller... And would take a few breathers in it throughout the night...
But quickly headed off to the dance floor before the music even started and spent most of the five hours we were there dancing and mingling: Again, no problems making friends (she especially loves to join in with the older kids):
And she did amazingly well joining in on the line-dancing. I suppose it's time to start looking in to some possible toddler dance classes:
I joined in the fun with her here and there. (I actually started off wearing a fancy dress, but soon changed into more comfortable attire when I realized that the majority of the guests were dressed in small-town, casual-wear):

Addie, as always, chilled in the stroller, watching the action, for most of the time unless she was hungry for a bottle or needed a little rocking to help her fall asleep:And Avery made it pretty clear when she was worn down and ready to head home:

Celebrating July 4th

We celebrated July 4th over at Don and Michele's. We hung around their house swimming, playing Ping Pong, and eating food off the grill until nightfall. And then we headed off to the nearby park for a firework show: As always, Addie chilled in the stroller:

Aunt Michele was smart enough to bring glow-in-the-dark toys to keep the kids distracted while we waited for the show to start:
We set up camp and waited for the show to start:
Keith got a bit annoyed with my excessive camera shots:
But then grew bored as we waited and decided to take control over the photography:
And at last, the show began. I was worried the noises would be too much for the easily-startled Addie, but she took it all in stride:
And Avery was intrigued with the show from beginning to end: