Around the House Antics

Yet again, Avery finds a way to turn a slightly risky situation into a straight-up dangerous one: Addie's not only proud to be eating solid foods, but adamantly tyring to eat them on her own:
And she finally sits up well enough to join in on the pirate pool fun:

Avery and Addie's First Bath Together-
Addie looks a bit hesitant about being confined in a small, slippery, wet place with her crazy, unpredictable sister:
Perhaps we should've approached the potty training with a promise of a "Go Diego" acton figure. Keith bought her the figure on his way home from work as a gift for her first successful potty training day. I've never seen her so excited to open a gift. She held it up and exclaimed "WOW!":
Avery Continues Her Random Playtime-
She loves to find new, random things to line up in OCD-esque manners. On this day, she got a hold of plastic, colored CD cases and decided that her Polly Pocket dolls needed to be placed inside the cases and lined up on the piano:

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