Our Trip to Connecticut and New York

Keith and I got to have a weekend getaway to CT and NY while Lee Lee watched the girls. CT was beautiful and the weather was perfect. We took a day trip drive up to Massachusetts and back down through CT. The scenic drive was beautiful and the trees were just starting to change colors:We stopped at a Rockwell-esque little town in Massachusetts, walked around, and found a quaint tasty chocolate shop:We ended the day trip in Mystic, CT- a small seatown with lots of scenic areas:While in CT, we stayed with my brother Adam, his wife Carlee, and their little boy Jack. We found a really tasty breakfast spot the first morning there, and took my brother and family back the next morning. Little Jack is a bottomless pit and ate more than Keith and I combined- I'd be a bit worried, but my brother was the same way as a boy:After breakfast, we headed up to a park that overlooks New Haven, followed by a quick tour of the Yale campus, where my brother recently started grad school:After the Yale tour, we headed to NYC to visit Keith's stepbrother, Michael. Michael and his girlfriend Maclaren took us on a few fun walkaround tours of the city, which is particularly fin since Michael is an expert on the history of NYC:
And we came across quite the interesting scene while walking around one night- a robot war contest inside a bar complete with a Pimp Referee and background commentators who reminded us of the commentators' scenes in the movie Dodgeball:

They had a mini-stadium setup with tons of tiny figurine "fans" sitting around the arena while the actual contestants sat outside the arena and controlled the robot battle royale:

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