Our Trip to the Exotic Zoo

With the weather finally getting bearable, we decided to take a trip out to a drive-through exotic zoo. The resort guides gave us a few bags of food to feed the animals, and the animals really will come right up to the car:

Avery was thrilled to see the zebras:
But she got a little freaked out at how close they got to us in order to ger to our food. I was even a little worried- I've never heard of death by zebra biting, but this one flashed his teeth right in my face, and I threw half a bag of food out the window to get him away from the car:
The ostriches looked the meanest of all. I opted not to feed them and rolled up the window whenever they came close:
The emus didn't appear to be quite as angry about life as the ostriches, but their beaks are even pointier and their eyes are red, so they made me just as nervous:

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